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How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

by: XpertsApp Team



You might have frequently gone through this question, if you’ve ever thought of to develop an app. Here’s the answer to almost all the questions that might occur in your mind while thinking to execute your app development idea.

 “An app’s development usually costs between $50,000 and $75,000 on average. An app with a comprehensive feature set can cost upwards of $300,000 to develop.”

The cost of labor is the main factor influencing the price of developing an app. For instance, employing offshore developers will be substantially less expensive than hiring domestic developers, and hiring from a reputable company will cost you more money.

However, the initial installation cost you are given is not all-inclusive. A number of key factors should be taken into consideration during the challenging process of app creation.

Nevertheless, the cost implemented on the development to be calculated is a must.

Furthermore, in the article you will be going through an in-depth study of app development industry to its core. Things you’ll learn in the article will include how to calculate app development cost, what factors are important to have in mind while managing the cost of app development, how efficiently can you manage to deploy the unwanted expenses to be occurred in future, and many more.

Here’s a threshold of what you’ll be learning in the following article.


There are plenty of factors that are to be included in your answer to the question for

“How much does it cost to make an app?”

Before we get on to the app development cost lets get you to know how the app development market is growing rapidly. The popularity of applications and the cost of app creation are both influenced by the global growth of mobile development.

Over 7 million apps are available for download in total through app stores.Researched figures on mobile app development present fascinating information regarding the sector and costs in 2022.

  • The market for developing apps is dominated by free apps. Free and freemium pricing philosophies are typically the most successful ones. For instance, 92% of the total utilities available on the Apple App Store are free. (Statista)
  • The total cost of making an app varies on dozens of variables, but if we try to summarize it in a few phrases, the results of GoodFirm thorough survey look like this.

 1. A simple software with the bare minimum of features, produced in 4,5–11 weeks, will cost between $25,000–$59,000.

 2. Costs range from $36,000 to $85,000 to construct a complicated software with well-liked user features in 7–16 weeks.

 3. A complex app with cutting-edge features that takes 11.5–16 weeks to develop will cost $59,000–137,000.

  • By 2026, the mobile app development market is projected to increase by more than 18.4% and reach an industry value of $407.31 billion. (marketresearchfuture)
  • Smartphone users download games in 66% of cases. Over 95% of all users are simultaneously downloading web browsers, messaging, and communication apps. (Statista)

Factors that assist you while launching an app

Now that you are aware of the market’s active and quick growth, let’s examine the elements that need to be considered while planning to create an app and considering how much money should be allocated to properly handle any potential future inconveniences.

Native Vs Hybrid App Development What’s Best To Choose

How much does it cost to design an app? might not be answered. “without knowing what kind of application, you intend to develop. Depending on your wants, you can either design a native or hybrid app.

A native app is one that is developed specifically for an iOS or Android platform. If you choose to market on both groups, you will have to develop two distinct apps, which will instantly increase the total cost of developing the app. The process of developing a hybrid app comprises making an application that will run on many operating systems. The decreased development costs of these apps are their key benefit. However, these apps have several drawbacks, it motivates lots of companies to make native apps. One of them is variable performance, a difficult user interface that varies according on the device an app is operated on, and technical limitations.



Two of the frequent mobile operating systems worldwide are Android and iOS. Most likely, you should develop an app for one of the platforms. You could go over and beyond and make an app for each platform. You can start with an app for just one operating system, such as Android or IOS, if you want to check your app idea without taking a big financial risk. The question remains the same.

How much does it cost to develop an iOS or Android application?

Given that both types of development take roughly the same amount of time, the prices are not significantly different. If you have more money, you could concurrently develop two applications and unveil them. The type of application has a significant impact on how much it costs to design an app.

Personalizing Visual Design

When consumers launch your app, the design is the first thing they notice. Either you make a strong first impression or you miss your chance to draw their attention. Your app’s UX and UI design will set you back $5,000 or more for 10–20 app screens. The number of screens, graphic complexity, demand for bespoke elements, intricate artwork, and branding all affect how much it costs to make an app.

Costs Of App Maintenance

Providing a cost estimate for the development of an app ” is insufficient because costs continue even after an app is released and placed on the market. You must be aware of “how much does it cost to maintain an app” and be ready to make financial commitments for app upkeep. The research shows that approximately 50% of the development cost is to be spent on the maintenance of any application afterwards while adding features and updates as required time to time.

The following categories of operations are included in app maintenance:

  • Bug repairing and quality control
  • Breakthroughs to both performance and stability
  • Program optimization
  • Switch to the most recent os releases
  • The introduction of novel features
  • Support for third-party services’ most recent edition.

In order to avoid overspending, it’s crucial to separate your budget into two categories: app development costs and app maintenance costs.

Features & Functionality

Without having a concept of the services, you will provide to your users, it is impossible to know the cost of building an app. Due to the fact that some cost drivers can take months to implement, these are the main ones.

Depending on the quantity and complexity of features you want to include, the average cost to design an app can change either way. Some of them, like push notifications, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement and consume up to half of your app budget.

Let’s address the question of how much an app is built for. According to the features you intend to use.

  • Native device or hard ware features

These features, which make use of the hardware of the device, are also known as native device features. The most contemporary smartphones come with many built-in features, like Bluetooth, NFC, and internet connectivity. The time required to develop such features can range from 30 hours to 100 hours of app development.

  • User engagement

These features support user interaction and include SMS, social media sharing, push notifications, email, and more. While certain features may be achieved with the aid of APIs, others require custom development. It can take 25 to 145 hours to create such functionality, depending on your needs.

  • Data encryption

Data encryption is now required in many nations. Think about including such features in your application if you don’t want to run into issues with GDPR and other rules. Depending on the protocols utilized, the level of security, and your specific needs, the development process can consume anywhere from 10 to 80 hours.

  • Payment method

You may integrate a variety of payment channels, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, PayPal, credit cards, Payoneer, and others, into your app to accept in-app payments. Spending 20 to 200 hours implementing such functionality may be necessary, depending on its complexity and level of customization. Moreover, including these basic features usually required in most of the app development, there are a lot more features to be involved that are accordingly charged in response to their complexity.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App: Calculation Techniques?

One can estimate the price of developing an app on your own. Calculating the cost breakdown for app development is as easy as multiplying the number of hours by the hourly rate. Before the development stage starts, the majority of businesses offer an approximate mobile app development cost estimate so that you may budget accordingly.

Typically, app development companies employ one of two charging strategies:

  • Fixed-price projects typically have a minimal budget, a very strict deadline, and a predetermined scope of work. The transparency of the app development cost is this calculation method’s key benefit. You already know the total cost before the development process even begins, so you won’t need to worry how much it will cost to build an app.
  • Time and components – This pricing strategy is more adaptable than the first. It is primarily utilized for complicated projects that may have unforeseen development delays. The cost is typically determined by the time spent on development and the hourly rate.

Although the time and material strategy may cause you some anxiety, it has a plethora of benefits. With the fixed price structure, nothing can be changed while the project is being developed. You are free to alter the scope of work, add features, or subtract some even in the middle of the development process when working within the time & material frame. As a result, it is possible to create a highly personalized software that consumers would like. Before you sign a contract, be essential to find out which pricing model the company uses. This can have a great impact on how much it will ultimately cost to develop an app and how the process will be handled.

After all this analysis the basic question for developing the app remains the same “how much does it cost to develop an app? “

Here’s a brief researched based cost estimation for the development of an app according to the type of app you are wishing to bring into the market to compete potentially.

Estimation Cost of App Development Types

App Type Estimate Cost    Time
Smart Phone App $30,000-$300,000 1,200h
iPhone App $55,000-$300,000 1,200h
Android App $50,000-$300,000 1,200h
Web App $60,000-$300,000 1,200h
Startup App $40,000-$400,000 1,600h
Transportation App (Uber) $50,000-$400,000 1,600h
Gaming App $60,000-$250,000 1,600h
Retail App $50,000-$150,000 1,200h
Augmented Reality App (AR) $100,000-$250,000 1,600h
eCommerce App $60,000-$250,000 1,600h
Social Media App (Instagram) $50,000-$300,000 1,200h
Business App $50,000-$200,000 1,200h
Learning App (DuoLingo) $60,000-$225,000 900h
Video Streaming App $80,000-$300,000 1,600h
Restaurant App $40,000-$150,000 900h
Community App $18,000-$150,000 900h
Shopify App $30,000-$180,000 900h
Dating App (Tinder/Happn) $50,000-$350,000 1,400h
Food Delivery App $40,000-$150,000 900h
Hybrid App $40,000-$200,000 1,200h
Healthcare App $55,000-$300,000 1,200h
Typical App $40,000-$300,000 1,200h

How Much Does It Cost to build an App in 2022? Cost Breakdown

Depending on the complexity of the app, the price to design one can be anywhere from $20,000 and $300,000. Due to the functionality of the app, the cost to design an app might easily exceed expectations.

There are various ways to obtain an estimate for your app project. Contacting the developers is the most trustworthy option. But you may also use the app cost calculator. Without enough documentation and terms of reference, the cost will probably just be an approximation if you ask the software company to estimate the average cost range of developing a custom app.

The right and accurate cost estimator, however, must consider a wide range of mobile app development services as well as the necessary amount of time:

  • The number of screens and how intricate the design is;
  • Growth procedure;
  • Quality control stage;
  • Number of characteristics and functions;
  • The features’ complexity;
  • The difficulty of the database;
  • Quantity and complexity of integrations with third parties;
  • Putting in place security measures like GDPR or HIPAA

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The team you select is the last factor to think about when figuring out how much it costs to create an app. The notion that the type of development one selects is irrelevant is an invalid one. On the other hand, picking the proper team has a number of advantages. Lower prices and improved quality is one of them.

As a startup, you have a small budget, but you absolutely must have a distinctive product.

So, pick the team carefully if you want to obtain the most value for your money. Here are some recommendations from experts to assist you in determining an app’s price. The choice of a team will have a big impact on how much money really goes into creating an app. Being an entrepreneur one always has a choice to go for the best the best way is to ensure through your own research that is a must to know about the service that you really want to deliver your audience the best. Below you will get to know how to choose the best app development company:

In-House or Offshore App Development the Better Choice

Build an in-house team

Small businesses that have a full-time IT staff that can manage both support and development of internal information systems are the most suited candidates for an in-house app development team.

Hire your in-house team if you value clear accountability, open lines of communication, and a reliable solution.

However, the response is fairly surprising if you ask how much it costs for an internal team to develop an app. Here, the price is even more expensive than hiring a local agency to complete the service.

The salaries to be compared can be way above your budget.

  • Full stack developer = $98,000 per year.
  • Designer = $85,000 per year
  • iOS or Android Developer = $85,000 per year.

When a startup founder hires a team, they must also find room for them to work.

If not, you might need to set up a server and other infrastructure system.

Therefore, it is preferable to leave it for now if you don’t want to learn a frightening amount about how much a mobile app development cost.

If you are thinking of to start up an app for your business you need to move on the offshore or local software houses that are reliable for the workload of your ideas to develop into existence.

Local or off shore app development companies

There are numerous IT outsourcing businesses that provide a variety of services. How can you locate a trustworthy business partner who can provide products of a high standard?

First and foremost, it’s best to thoroughly investigate IT businesses to ensure they fulfil the needs of your product. Without a doubt the cost of developing an app will be higher for local businesses. Despite looking at the cost, you might look at the complexity of work that you would be getting from the local app development companies to bring your idea into existence.

The breakdown of app development costs is as follows.

  • The hourly prices for a development team and a design team might range from $150 to $250 per specialist, depending on the nation where your firm is launching.
  • The total cost would be $80,000 if the job was completed in 400 hours at an average rate of $100.

It might not be easy for you to choose between such enormous amount of companies offering the services you need the question remains the same “whom to choose?”

Here is a list of advice that you can go through to overcome the barrier of whom to choose for your investment to be profitable.

Prepare a checklist of your requirement

You must optimize your app needs, the amount of funding needed for its development, the prepared development schedule, and the platforms on which it will be run either Android or IOS. It is also advantageous to be familiar with the most popular mobile application development technologies because doing so will help you determine the type of application you should build. Finding an expert in the kind of application you require will be quite helpful when choosing a mobile app development company.

Choose the best overall service provider

If you choose among the software development companies that have already established themselves and have a fantastic portfolio of services, you can be sure that you will get qualified personnel.

Working with such a company will eliminate the need for you to look elsewhere for further help or services because they will be able to provide you with all the tools you require for the design, development, and testing phases of application development.

 Discuss the requirement with developers by your own self

Once you’ve found an app development business that’s perfect for you, take the time to ask the development team some important questions. Get their opinion on your project, share a few of your app ideas with them, and inquire about their experience designing applications. You will learn more about how the app developers for this organisation see and are prepared to use your proposal from such a dialogue.

 Examine the portfolio of the company.

Ask the company executives to name a few of their best apps, and then thoroughly review those suggestions. Think about if you enjoy the way these apps are made and whether you find them to be functional and simple to use. It’s important to keep in mind that one of the most important factors in an application’s success is its originality. Portfolio link

Enquire about the corporation’s privacy and data protection policies.

It’s important to have a detailed conversation about the security and privacy of your mobile application and the data associated to your business. Developers should be willing to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with you in order to ensure that your information is secure. Furthermore, it is preferable to discuss intellectual property rights beforehand. These and other aspects of ensuring the security of personal data must be discussed prior to starting work on a project.  FOR FURTHER INFO GIVE US A CALL

Concentrate on the product

The concentration means to look over the app you want to build either it fits the requirement you are paying for to develop the app and is satisfying the demand for the audience being delivered to.

Don’t mess with the app layout

Keep in mind that if you are thinking of to make changes by your own it may cost you a lot that can be risky for which you need to contact the specialist who developed the app. The reason to keep the app maintenance continuous.

Continuous Advertising

What costs are included in the response to the query “How much does it cost to make an app?” If you want to promote the app to a larger audience digital marketing is a must to promote your app. Businesses frequently ignore a crucial expenditure pattern like marketing. You need to work on your app’s advertising even before you release it to the market. By offering sneak glimpses of your app, enlisting influencers to serve as beta testers, and having them share their experiences with their audiences, you can start acclimating your audience. Only after the launch does the marketing war really begin.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How to build the best application?
After reading the article, consider the cost analysis of the application you want to create and the variables to be aware of when constructing an app. You can have concerns about the app you want to create, such as how to create the best application. The following variables affect the answer to the question.

Three of the core points that you need to take in notice to ensure not to face any inconvenience ahead.
Market research
Prior to production, we assist our clients with thorough market research, popular app analysis, target audience definition, and original idea generation. Instead of copying well-known programs, we suggest finding a strategy to make your solution stand apart.
Initiate with the beginning app edition.
In order to test your app idea, we encourage all of our clients to start the development process with a basic version of the app.
Consistently promote development
Plan for extra upgrades and features when your idea has been tested and proven to work. More app updates, security patches, and other upgrades are constantly required.